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Our mission at Miller Scientific is to support the advancement of medical research and assessment of medical technologies. Our team combines therapeutic knowledge, industry experience, and a commitment to exceptional service to deliver customized solutions that stand up to clinical, statistical, and regulatory evaluations. By collaborating with Miller Scientific, you gain a dedicated and responsive partner who will help guide your projects through the complex medical research landscape

We combine therapeutic expertise, decades of industry know-how, and unparalleled service and responsiveness to provide our customers with customized solutions that can stand up to rigorous scientific and regulatory evaluations.

Larry Miller, PhD, PStat

Founder & President

Larry Miller, PhD, PStat founded Miller Scientific in 2009. With over 25 years of clinical research experience, Dr. Miller has held executive positions in medical device companies, contract research organizations, academic institutions, and government agencies. His expertise spans study design, biostatistics, clinical trial methodology, and publication development. He holds advanced degrees in physiology and data analytics, has authored over 200 peer-reviewed manuscripts, and serves as a reviewer and statistical advisor for over 30 medical journals.


Morgan Stewart, PhD


Morgan Stewart, PhD brings over 30 years of biostatistical experience, including data management, statistical programming, and data analysis. Her previous appointments include Amgen, Matrix Pharmaceutical, Favrille, AME-Lilly, and Ista Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Stewart’s areas of therapeutic expertise include oncology, cardiology, dermatology, ophthalmology, gastroenterology, neonatology, and rheumatology. Her most recent areas of research are in the use of probiotics and supplements for weight loss, optimization of serum lipid levels, energy enhancement, nutrition, and prevention of infectious disease. Dr. Stewart received her MS and PhD degrees from UCLA, specializing in epidemiology and biostatistics.

Clint Hagen, MS


Clint is a seasoned biostatistician specializing in biomedical research study design through analysis. His experience spans across academic research and the medical device industry. Clint has led the biostatistical efforts on multiple successful IDE studies, post-marketing studies, and registries. Mr. Hagen has significant experience in observational research as well. In addition to his work at MSC, Clint currently is a lead biostatistician for neurocognitive impairment studies at Mayo Clinic. Clint earned a BA in statistics from the University of Minnesota–Morris and an MS in biostatistics from the University of Oklahoma.

William Herbert, PhD

Cardiovascular Medicine

William Herbert, PhD is a professor emeritus in the Department of Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise at Virginia Tech. He has 30 years of experience directing cardiac rehabilitation and health-fitness programs, teaching, and conducting research in applied and clinical exercise physiology. He received his Ph.D. degree from Kent State University in Exercise Physiology. He is an ACSM certified Director of Rehabilitative Exercise Programs, ACSM Vice-President and Member of its Board Trustees, and Chair of the ACSM Clinical Exercise Physiology Practice Board. Dr. Herbert is also on editorial review boards for the Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, the American Journal of Medicine & Sports, and Clinical Exercise Physiology. He has authored approximately 100 technical and research articles and has co-authored a book, chapters, and journal articles dealing with standards of care and safety in exercise programs, exercise electrocardiography, circulatory responses to exercise, and the effects of exercise on bone strength.

Linda Coombs

Quality Control & Quality Assurance

Mrs. Coombs brings 30 years of experience in Quality Assurance with biotechnology and device industries, with emphasis on risk analysis, effective corrective action plans, and data integrity solutions. She specializes in software and network auditing projects to comply with FDA and global regulatory requirements. Mrs. Coombs holds a BS in Biology/Chemistry and is certified as a Certified Software Vendor Auditor and holds an American Society for Quality (ASQ) certification.


At Miller Scientific, our customers include medical device companies, pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, government agencies, professional medical societies, academic institutions, hospitals and healthcare systems, and physicians in diverse practice settings. See below for a partial list of our clients

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